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Bob Zany






September 13th & 14th



Bob Zany is an American stand-up comedian. He is known for performing with his trademark cigar on stage. According to an article found on his web page, he “stuffs a cigar into a plastic bag with a couple of Bob Zany original postcards and charges five bucks for the package. He calls it the Bob Zany Fun Kit.”

In the 1970s, he appeared as a contestant on "The Gong Show." Between that time and a 1986 appearance on the TV special "George Schlatter’s Comedy Club," he had gained a significant amount of weight, which he was able to lose by the time he appeared as a contestant on "To Tell the Truth" in 1990.

Zany now appears weekly on "The Bob and Tom Show," and has his own segment called "The Zany Report." In recent years, he has also guest-hosted portions of "Jerry Lewis’ Labor Day Telethon." Zany also had a small role in the film "Joe Dirt" as the guy at the radio station who pushes Joe down at the beginning of the movie.  He appeared on the Comedy Central special, "The Friends of the Bob and Tom Show," and he's appeared on NBC's "Last Comic Standing."

Zany appeared in the Steven Soderbergh film "The Informant," as well as the movies "I am Comic" and "Repossessed." You've also seen Bob in many stand up TV shows and sitcoms including "The Drew Carey Show," "Streetscape," Comedy.TV, "Comics Unleashed," "Roseanne," "Comedy Central Presents," "George Burns Comedy Week," "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," "The History of the Joke," and "Sin City Spectacular." This is just a sampling of over 100 TV appearances Bob has made.

Don't miss this icon of Comedy this week at the Comedy Showcase!


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