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Mark Sweetman


Attention Guests:
This week we begin our summer schedule during which we hold our ­Comedy Jamms on Thursdays and feature headliners on Fridays & Saturdays only.­
We will be closed Wednesdays until October.

May 3rd­& 4th



Mark Sweetman, a name you may not recognize, but is one of the comedy gems that has come out of the rich comedy pool of talent from Detroit. Having spent many years in Los Angeles as a writer for many different shows and comedians, and recently on the show “Ann Arbor Tonight”­on cable TV. This summer he’s off to L. A. to pitch his sitcom to the networks. Just a few years ago he returned to the stage to perform – this is what he loves to do.­ His super dry wit and delivery has made him a favorite at clubs and colleges all over the country.­

Don’t miss the remarkable Mark Sweetman this week at the Comedy Showcase.­

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