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Allyn Ball

 March 12th 13th & 14th


Punk Rock Grows Up?” pretty much describes Allyn Ball. So does 6’5”, 230 pounds, shaved head, tattoos, earrings and a red goatee. Original and funny, he deals with not fitting in...ever!!. If you crave creative, original comedy, don't miss this show! He doesn’t talk about airline food, he didn’t just break up with his girlfriend, and he will never close the show with a story about a cop pulling him over. His comedy is instead a fresh dose of clever and intelligent comedy that cracks you up and makes you think. When you come to see him you will hear jokes you’ve never heard before. His comedy is based on his life experiences and he’s lived a very different life than you or I. Allyn calls himself a freak with good credit, but basically he's a rebel who never really grew up. Allyn is the proud parent of a 20-year-old girl and a happy husband of over 20 years. He's been seen on A&E, MTV, SHOWTIME, HBO and
Comedy Central. He offers clever, intelligent humor and “those who pay attention are rewarded.”

Don't miss the return of this longtime staff favorite this week at the Comedy Showcase!



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