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Connie Ettingerheart

­February­ 14th

It’s a date night show on this traditional date night, Valentine’s Day!

Headlined by Connie Ettinger, a veteran of the fertile Detroit comedy scene, A self-styled “recovering lawyer,” Connie’s outlook on life pairs the seemingly divergent aspects of a small town upbringing with life in the legal fast lane and creates a sardonic view of matters ranging from the uncertainties of puberty to the absurdities of our justice system. Stupid people, beware!­ She has no tolerance for their antics which bring the legal system (and freeways and grocery check out lines) to a maddeningly slow crawl.­ ­ Her engaging, animated delivery on a variety of topics from “ladies’ nights out” to those who would not think twice about taking a hair dryer into the shower will draw the audience, regardless of background, age or sex, into a shared appreciation of life’s little ironies, guaranteeing that a good time will be had by all.

Also appearing will be a supporting cast of comedians to round out the show!!

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